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How often should you receive a massage?

This is one of the most common questions that massage therapist get asked. It is hard to give a general answer because everyone's body is different and everybody's needs are different. I'm going to break down the two most common scenarios:

1. Someone who is in chronic pain daily and is looking for relief

Again this is generally speaking but I would recommend this client come in at least once potentially twice a week for 4-6 weeks. Then after checking in we would start doing biweekly sessions. Most clients with chronic pain stick with biweekly appointments as long as they have the time, then potentially move to every 3 weeks. I wouldn't recommend going more then 3 weeks without a session for anyone who has chronic pain. Frequent sessions get the best results and keep pain at bay.

2. Someone who has one or two areas where they tend to hold tension, but isn't in pain.

Generally I would recommend these clients start with 3-6 biweekly sessions. Then we re-evaluate how they are feeling and gradually push sessions out to once every 3-4 weeks. Making massage a regular part of your wellness journey will benefit both your body and mind.

Your first session your therapist will discuss what plan of action and frequency will be most beneficial for you. Contact us ahead of time if you have any questions.

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